Reed board is produced for two different purposes - as a plaster baseboard and for use in interior design, ie, as a decorative board, which is made of the best quality reed. Reed panels are environmentally friendly and have been used in construction for centuries.

Reed board 1.2m² / board, 2.5cm thick (0.6 x 2m)
Reed board 1.2m² / board, 5cm thick (0.6 x 2m)

A reed board is a compressed panel braided with zinc wire to ensure the strength of the plate. The field of application of reed board is wide. For example, it is possible to make coverings-shutters for windows, garden for the house, garden shelter. Today, reed board is also widely used in horticulture.

Due to its properties, the reed board has found use worldwide, and it shows people's awareness of the need to preserve the environment and a healthy living environment. The 5 cm thick reed board has a specific thermal conductivity of 0.056W / mK (Construction Resources, UK).

Regarding primary energy content per cubic meter of material, reed board is the most environmentally friendly insulation material (compared to flax felt, cellulose wool, stone wool, and glass wool) (Kätlin Kallas, 2006).

In construction, reed board was used to insulate walls and ceilings (especially in wooden houses) and sound insulation (with outstanding sound absorption). To ensure fire safety, reed boards are plastered with lime or clay plaster. The decorative panel can also be impregnated with Multi Protect products and SG2 Magna Firestop, a colorless fire-retardant liquid. Reed plate is a perfect board for plastering.

For example, whole log houses have been installed with reed panels. It has also been used to insulation of the interiors of limestone manor houses and as a plaster base panel so that the plaster would not crumble due to the moisture in the wall. Reed board and traditional plasters "breathe" (let through water vapor). Building and repairing a house with the right materials ensure, above all, human health, the health of the house and is environmentally friendly. The reed plate is easy to install and process.

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