UKU oven builders

UKU cooperates with the best oven builders, masons and sellers of heating elements in Estonia.
By using their help in renovating your fireplace or building a new one, it is guaranteed that you will be satisfied with the result.
Ask them about options for finishing your oven, fireplace or stove with UKU materials.

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Tulitilgad OÜ
Pärnu County, Lääne County and Islands, Harju County, Rapla County, if necessary further away

Renovation of old stoves
Expert assessments
Construction, repair and restoration of heating systems (stoves, stoves, fireplaces, chimneys)
Construction of outdoor kitchens, complete solutions
Sale of materials (stoves, cookers, fireplaces, etc.)
Laying and restoration of limestone and stone walls
Masonry work and plastering
Installation of various modular furnaces

Professional certificate:
Master Oven Builder, EstQF Level 5

Tel. 56638049

Kerameus OÜ
South Estonia

Construction of ovens, stoves
Expert assessments

Tel. 56500569

Koldehunt OÜ
South Estonia

Engaged in maintenance and repair of heating equipment since 2013.
By doing chimney sweeping and oven building work side by side, a large amount of different experience has been acquired.

We perform various oven building and chimney sweeping works.
We offer new chimney solutions and renovate old chimneys.
We create kitchen hoods and high-quality chimney caps to special order.

Tel. 5115146

Estove OÜ
Põlvamaa, if necessary further away

Pizza ovens, smoke sauna heaters, eco-furniture

Tel. 5259672

Volt OÜ
Southern Estonia, if necessary further away

Complete heating system solutions
Construction of ovens, stoves
Installation of modular chimneys
Maintenance of heating equipment with fiber rods
Expert assessments
Fire safety consultation

Professional certificate:
Master Oven Builder, EstQF Level 5
Chimney sweep-master level 5

Tel. 53954041

Calor Nordic OÜ

High-quality ovens, stoves, fireplaces, hearths, sauna heaters and modular chimneys directly from the importer.

Our team includes experts in their field with long-term experience, who know the secret of a cozy home, can recommend heating devices that suit your needs/desires, offer professional installation and, of course, beautiful finishing with natural UKU finishing materials.

Since pictures speak more than a thousand words, we are waiting for you to familiarize yourself with our references and we are waiting for your e-mail or call to the contacts below.

Tel. 53442448

Tuli ja suits OÜ

Design ovens, fireplaces and stoves have been our passion for many years. We like to think outside the box, and this is clearly characterized by the heating elements we have made, which you can learn more about on our references page.

If you have a dream or your designer has a clear vision of a new oven, fireplace or stove in your home, we will gladly realize this dream/vision. The sky is the limit when it comes to the design and finishing of ovens, fireplaces and stoves with UKU materials.

Tel. 53442448