UKU team

All the knowledge and experience gained over the years has been applied by UKU masters to the development of the best building mixes.
The constant desire to improve and keep up with the times is the driving force of the UKU team, at the same time keeping in mind our own clay building culture - because Estonia's clay building heritage is unique.
UKU works every day to honor historic building materials. With each new product, we pay homage to distant masters from some parts of the world who have masterfully worked with natural binders with mixtures from generation to generation and achieved virtuosity.

Marko Kikas


Marko has managed to inject the knowledge and experience inherited from his father and grandfather from clay construction and many inspirational trips into his company. Marko is a visionary who has created a successful clay soil company - Saviukumaja.

+372 5660 0811

Martin Hütt

Business Manager / Trainer

Martin deals with major foreign markets and the company's most important decisions. Martin starts things, solves the problem even before they occur. Long-term experience in production, consulting, product development and training.

Triin Eensaar

Sales Manager

From the first day, Triin is active in answering mails and is engaged in sales. Triin is sporty, active and always ready to rush into the unknown. Always dare to leave the comfort zone. Triin comes and does it, not looking around with her hands in her pockets.

+372 5650 5505

Annika Udras

On parental leave

Annika is always cheerful and picks up the phone directly at the UKU headquarters, accepts orders and is happy to answer current questions. Annika is the real sun, which makes everyone in the mood and melts even the thickest ice.

+372 5650 5505

Indrek Kerbo

Marketing manager

Hand in hand with marketing, Indrek deals with everyday issues and other very diverse topics. Indrek is always ready to talk about UKU's products and to advise and help those who want to renovate their home or plan on building a new house.

+372 5304 0157

Maksim Matt


UKU master of samples. A perfectionist, under whose hands elegant and life-filled beautiful samples are made from natural materials. Maksim always finds the time to introduce customers to the products and share any installation tips.

Matthew Mitt

Warehouse specialist

Matthew is a man with skills in many areas be it manufacturing, building, welding or floor casting. Maintains the UKU warehouses and produces raw bricks for several men during the summer.