The lime paint is odorless and does not contain volatile organic compounds or synthetic adhesives and preservatives. It can be used anywhere in the house, in addition to the walls and ceilings, also in the bathroom, kitchen, fireplaces and facades.

Lime paint does not impede water vapor binding of the substrate and is easy to install. The painted surface remains matte and does not reflect light. Complete coverage is achieved with two coats, when applied with a brush it creates a beautiful cloudy effect on the surface.

Suitable substrates:
Stone (brick, structural concrete)
gypsum board (Knauf, Fermacell)
Blocks (Bauroc, Fibo, Columbia)
Plasters (clay plaster, lime plaster, mineral plasters)
Color: white. Can be tinted with colored soils.
Grain size: 0–0,2 mm
Consumption: 200-400g, depending on the number of paint layers and the evenness of the substrate
Packaging: 1 kg bucket, 5 kg bucket, 10 kg bucket

Product guide
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