Lime finishing plaster is suitable for people who appreciate a strong and slightly robust finish, although lime plaster can also be pushed flat with a trowel. Lime finishing plaster is very durable, well suited for finishing facades, hallways and bathrooms.

Lime plaster regulates the humidity in the room and inhibits the formation of mold, suitable for allergy sufferers. Inspired by traditional recipes, we have created a modern lime finish that has been tested according to EN 998-1 standard.

Suitable substrates:
Wood (covered with reed mat or other netting)
Stone (brick, structural concrete)
Blocks (Bauroc, Fibo, Columbia)
Plasters (clay plaster, lime plaster, mineral plasters)
Straw (straw walls)
Reed (thin reed mat, reed panel)
Color: white
Grain size: 0–2 mm
Maximum layer thickness: 6–8 mm
Consumption: 7–10 kg/m2
Packaging: 25 kg bag, 500 kg / 1000 kg Big-Bag

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