COB clay mixture is developed by mimicking a strong clay surface. It can be used to build houses, make building blocks, or use it on a plaster surface to create curved shapes and corners. Cob mixture is also well suited for renovating clay houses and building clay floors.

COB is a mixture of sand and clay, during the work process we recommend adding straw up to 20 cm long. The mixture is usually mixed on a tarp with barefoot or in a special mixing machine. Cob is a strong building material from which houses can last for thousands of years. The oldest known cob-style house is 10,000 years old.

The word COB comes from an old English word meaning "piece" or "loaf."

Color: dark red
Grain size:
0–8 mm
Packages: 25 kg bag, (500 kg / 1000 kg Big-Bag on request)

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