Marmorino finish is made from high-quality local mineral materials and is inspired by a historic finishing technique imitating marble and natural stone developed by Venetian masters.

Clay Marmorino is an antibacterial and anti-mold finish that is suitable for allergy sufferers and is antistatic, free of harmful contaminants and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). UKU Clay Marmorino is a water vapor permeable material with excellent surface strength and adhesion. 

Suitable substrates for direct installation plaster (clay plaster, lime plaster, mineral plasters)
Suitable substrates that are prepared or plastered: gypsum board, gypsum fiberboard (Fermacell), wooden fibreboard (windbreak, Steico, Skano), stone, concrete.
Color: white, snow white, orange, gray, lilac, yellow, red, blue, beige, caramel, black
Grain size: 0–0,5 mm
600–1000 g/m2
Packages: 1 kg bucket, 5 kg bucket, 10 kg bucket

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