In clay decorative plasters, we have used different colored clays to achieve the tone. Soft and warm clay tones create a cozy atmosphere in both historical and modern interiors. In addition, each color is available in two different fractions, allowing you to choose a texture you like.

Clay fine finishing plaster is suitable for plastering various surfaces in interiors.

UKU clay fine finishing plasters are 100% natural. They have been tested in accordance with the German clay plaster standard DIN 18947: 2013-08 and belong to the higher strength class S II. Clay fine finish plaster is used indoors in dry rooms for finishing walls, ceilings, stoves, fireplaces and ovens.

DEKO additives can be used in UKU clay plasters, such as marble, straw, flax, seashell, fuchsite. The DEKO series provides an opportunity to create an even more personal finish, as all fine finishing plasters can be enhanced with various natural additives, including crystals and precious stones.

Suitable substrates:
Stone (brick, structural concrete)
Gypsum board (Knauf *, Fermacell) * Paper-coated gypsum board requires an adhesive layer with a lime fine finish plaster.
Blocks (Bauroc, Fibo, Columbia) pre-coated with plaster to prevent the joints from showing.
Plasters (clay plaster, lime plaster, mineral plasters)
Color: over 30 colors
Grain size: 0–0,5 mm / 0–1 mm
0,85-2,5 kg/m2 (0-0,5mm) 3,5-5 kg/m2 (0-1mm)
Maximum layer thickness: 2 mm / 5 mm
Packages: 25kg bag / 20kg bag (black, snow white)

Product guide 0-0,5
Product guide 0-1
Color chart

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