Clay plaster is a clay plaster used to level and fill substrates and to grow a layer of plaster. In addition, the clay base plaster can be used for finishing if desired, which is characterized by a coarse surface structure and a beautiful dark red tone.

Clay base plaster is suitable for use in interiors.

The dark red tone of UKU clay plaster comes from the best clay in Europe, which comes from Latvia. In our mixture we use various different sands and hemp shives, which are produced from the stems of the hemp plant, as a fibrous additive. Hemp shives bind moisture perfectly and adds additional strength to the mixture.

The quality of UKU clay base plaster is guaranteed by the German quality standard (DIN 18947: 2013) and accordingly it qualifies in the highest strength class S II. Clay plaster is a recyclable natural material that we use solar energy to produce.

The clay base plaster has a very good adhesion and surface strength, and it is possible to design curved corners and different shapes. Clay base plaster is suitable for plastering many different substrates in dry indoor conditions.

Suitable substrates:
Wood (covered with reed mat or other netting)
Stone (brick, structural concrete)
Blocks (Bauroc, Fibo, Columbia)
Plasters (clay plaster, lime plaster, mineral plasters)
Straw (straw walls)
Reed (thin reed mat, reed panel)
Color: dark red
Grain size: 0–4 mm
Material consumption: 17kg / m² (10mm layer)
Maximum layer thickness: 15mm (in one layer)
Packages: 25 kg bag, 500 kg / 1000 kg Big-Bag

Product guide
Installation video - plaster spray
Installation video - hand tools

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