Come and create a sustainable and healthy living environment with us

Saviukumaja is located in the legendary Mooste manor in picturesque Southern Estonia, where we produce world-class finishing mixes and paints under the brand name "UKU Pure Earth".

UKU – Pure Earth is the oldest producers of clay and lime natural finishing materials in Scandinavia and the Baltic region with roots dating back three generations.
We have several generations of experience in the installation of clay and lime plasters, and thanks to this we know exactly what characteristics a high-quality finish must have.
Through the last twenty years of experimentation, we have achieved great craftsmanship to create perfect natural finishing materials.

UKU clay base plaster quality comes from the German quality standard (DIN 18947: 2013) and accordingly qualifies for the highest strength class S ll.
Our lime plasters have also been tested according to EN 998-1.

We use natural and 100% pure raw materials in production.
UKU products are free of toxic substances and volatile organic compounds, which ensures clean air quality in the room and a healthy living environment.
All our mixes are compostable, recyclable and do not pose a threat to the environment.
We use solar energy for production, which makes the energy spent by us on the production of materials practically non-existent when compared to the production of finishing materials based on cement and gypsum.

We do our best to ensure a more sustainable living environment on planet Earth.

Create with us

We are open to cooperation with new sales partners who want to offer the widest range of clay and lime-based natural finishing materials.
With UKU's luxurious and sustainable products, you open the doors to a more aware customer and make a significant contribution to creating a cleaner environment.

UKU offers cooperation to those who are aware of the materials they use and who care about the health and well-being of themselves and their customers.

Natural clay plaster and lime plaster are the materials of the future, which give you an early advantage if you know how to use them.
This is a unique opportunity to create a beautiful and healthy living environment.
Start now, because the trend of the future is a sustainable and green worldview.

We are there for you with our knowledge and competence.

Why use UKU products?

UKU offers products with a great variety of aesthetics, which we always keep sustainable.
It is important for us to keep the finishing materials 100% natural, free from toxic substances and volatile organic compounds.
In this way, our production is safe for both the living environment and the installer.

Your benefits in our partnership


  • There is a growing need for sustainable products in construction and interior design.
  • You can reach customers who value beautiful design and sustainability at the same time.


  • UKU products are thoroughly tested, which guarantees excellent quality.
  • All our finishes are durable and long lasting when installed correctly.
  • UKU plaster mixes are certified.


  • By using UKU products, your company has a positive impact on the ecological footprint.
  • UKU uses solar energy in production.
  • All our products are recyclable, compostable and clay plasters are even reusable.


  • We always have an open attitude.
  • We can create custom-made products just for you for specific projects.
  • We can provide installation assistance or supervision service for larger projects.


  • Knowledge of natural materials is becoming more and more fashionable.
  • We share all our knowledge and the best installation methods with you.
  • We offer regular training and product training.
  • If possible, we can also conduct training directly on site.
  • We deal quickly with all your questions and concerns.


  • We have a wide selection of marketing materials, which we develop continuously.
  • All UKU products can also be purchased as a sample in powder form of as a finished sample on Fermacell plasterboard.
  • We can create samples according to the shade and texture you need.
  • The decorative sample boards of UKU can also be used as a decorative element in interior design.


  • Our experts suggest an installation system that is just right for you.
  • UKU mixes are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • UKU products are suitable for both residential and commercial buildings.
  • They can be used both for the restoration of historic buildings and for the finishing of new buildings.

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